Merry christmas!

I'd like to just take a quick minute to say merry christmas and wish everyone a happy new year. At this time of year it is nice to at least dream of peace, and maybe if we put out our hearts to god he will grant us this christmas wish.

God bless everyone who reads this. Merry Christmas!


Barack Obama for President? Sure why not!

The new guy in the Senate, Barack Obama is stirring up the waters.

Of course Kucinich is my man, and has been since he ran in 2004. Having no big corporate sponsorships he was able to raise 15 million dollars, raised wholly by his grass-root efforts and his fans and constituents - which I think is admirable, I think corporations shouldn't have a say in who becomes the next president and therefore shouldn't be allowed to give funding.

I also think he may be a little too outspoken for society to handle right now, though to me I feel it's a breath of fresh air, to some his message may seem too far to the left. Personally I agree fully that we should stop funding the war and divert efforts toward building up America, as far as world health care and education goes we should be number 1. We're in the teens!

Another candidate I could possibly endorse would be Barack Obama. I think it would be a great thing to have someone younger in office, he would definitely get the young vote, and the black vote, and I believe he would get a well rounded vote from both democrats and republicans who are tired of this war. I think obama should focus also on forming a strategic way to get us out now.

I hate Dubya, like ..most everyone else in this country and the world, but now I kinda feel almost sorry for the bastard. He's the most hated person in the world, is losing his friends and even his family is starting to question his policies, he's not very bright intellectually, and after his presidency is probably going to be subject to many many many hate crimes, and need bodyguards till the day he dies. He's got a crisis in Iraq that nobody has any idea how to get out of at least any good ideas, and right now its coming down to his biggest decisions as president, glad I'm not in his shoes. The middle east get's scarier each week.

Personally, I think this is a lesson from God that America is way too prideful. Putting Mc Donald's and Walmart before God, in God we Trust - right. If we would just apologize to the world and say hey, look we know we messed up really bad with this stupid war, would you all please help us find a way out of this? Maybe form a huge international congress to decide what happens with iraq - perhaps the top 3 members of every governing body could meet with the most intelligent people in the world, from all walks of life - teachers, professors, scientists, dr's, lawyers, etc. The biggest world summit ever, and finally maybe we could achieve peace in the middle east. Also you should invite the top leaders of both the Sunni's and the Shiites, and don't close the summit till both parties are happy and have equal representation, maybe we could even do like Germany if we really need to. Build a huge wall and put the shiites on one side and the Sunni's on the other. To every strife there's a resolution, not always a easy one, but Bush would have to speak to the world and take some damn responsibility for this conflict.

After all the war was started because of lies. The world deserves a chance to help and I'm sure if we humble ourselves and ask the nations of the world to help, and even rejoin the treaties that we broke away from such as the Kyoto treaty, etc. The world would be more than happy to help us end this conflict. Why do we need to save face? Why do we need to have so much damn pride?

Alas I digress, I've gotten off on a tangent, the point of this blog was to say I'd like to see Barack Obama run for president as I could see him garning a lot of support from the democrats, and from voters who don't usually vote. Personally, I think it would be cool to see him as President with Hilary or Kucinich as his Vice President.

But that's just my thoughts.

In these times of war, and trials, I would like to leave a Christmas wish that maybe Peace and Goodwill can come into the political picture, that we can all have a Merry Christmas and that the Lord will soften the hearts of men that they may attain peace in the days to come.

A wonderful day for Democrats! - Kucinich Runs Again!

Today is a good day.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has decided to run for President again. He surely is an underdog, but I love his never failing ideals and his outlook on politics. Most politicians are running a popularity contest but Dennis goes after the things dearest to his heart, and never quits.

Some of his stances include: His biggest stance is to get us out of iraq, he's also big for Universal health care for all, environmental reforms, repealing the unconstitutional non-patriotic patriot act, media reform - so no one person is controlling the minds of everyone on tv or radio.

I am a strong supporter of Dennis, I was a strong supporter since he ran last time, and I'll always be a big supporter, as is my family, being from his home state of Ohio.

What's sad is that it may be as unlikely that an intelligent, peacemaker like Kucinich to get into office as President as it is for a Mormon to be a Democrat...oh wait isn't Harry Reid a Mormon Democrat? I guess there are miracles. Whether or not Kucinich makes it through the Primaries, I will give my vote to him, and maybe once and for all we can end this stupid war in iraq.