Cheney in Utah? See What this Utahn has to say:

*Bends over* Kiss my...oh yeah I'm a nice Mormon boy, with politeness and manners. So I will just say... "Kiss my Donkey", At least I wasn't born and bred here, but Ohio isn't much better it's a red state too- at least it was, there's not much red left in this country. Thank goodness. Now if we could stop shedding so much blood overseas we would have it made.

Here's a cool blurb I read over on the as a Mormon and Democrat I wholeheartedly  support these members of our church.

Hundreds of upset BYU students, professors and alumni are signing a petition in an attempt to convince BYU's administration to cancel the Cheney speech and invite someone else.

In their own words:

  • "As someone who's been heavily involved and advocated for things like torturing prisoners, and what-not, I just feel like that doesn't coincide with a Christian university." - BYU student Eric Bybee
  • "In our estimation, Vice President Cheney does not embody the ideals taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Inviting Cheney ... violates long-standing LDS Church and BYU policies regarding political neutrality and sanctions the actions of a prominent political figure who demonstrates questionable ethics," -Portion of a letter written by four BYU professors
  • "If Cheney's visit comes to pass, I will withdraw my support to BYU. I will not make any more donations, purchase another sweatshirt or attend another of its sporting events." -Katie Hatch in American Fork, Utah
I must take a moment to laugh at the Post's slug(it's in the url).

utahs-big-dick-cheney..... As I went on to read the post some more I realized how

The author sided w/ the opposition, so I have to say - bite my big...oh well you get the picture, It kind of makes me sick to link to a pro Cheney site, but maybe it'll help my pagerank, and at least I got these 3 good quotes from student's at BYU.

Here's another good post, saying how students opposing Cheney's trip to Utah are wanting to hold an alternate Commencement ceremony - it would feature Ralph Nader which would definitely be an improvement. Check out the article over on the Wasatch Watcher.

Other Great Posts:

Now Here are some good Posts regarding IMPEACHing Cheney, yes you heard me right one of my favorite politicians, albeit highly unlikely candidate is Dennis Kucinich - Well he recently put up a motion to impeach Cheney, which takes some big kahonies, but knowing Kucinich he's dead serious.

Check out these links for more info on this and on Dennis Kucinich that candidate:

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Group of people - withhold paying taxes in defiance of the Iraq War

People like this, in my view are hero's. They'll probably end up getting in trouble for it,
but if more and more people follow suit, which could happen, then we might be looking at another Revolutionary, I mean what cut us off from Britain? Taxation without representation.

I for one, feel the same way as this group of non-tax paying citizens, that if the taxes are going to the war, and I oppose the war, then why pay the taxes?

More power to all of you, in this group.

The link can be found here:

Mormon Thought of the Day - Elder Russell M Nelson

We may pray to Him any time. No special equipment is needed.

We don't even need to charge batteries or pay a monthly service fee.

~ Elder Russel M Nelson - Ensign, May 2003, 7

What a great idea that is, when we're down and out, when things aren't going

great, we have a loving father, the true leader of mankind who is willing to listen

to each of our please, unlike our leaders of this nation, he doesn't make mistakes.

He's infallible, what a comfort it is to know we can call on the greatest leader

and teach ever, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from the day

we're born till the day we die, and we don't need to pay any service fee's, or buy batteries.

That's the power of prayer - the energizer bunny ain't got nothing on it.

Side note, I know I get hot and heavy when it comes to politics, but I do believe in Christ, and that's why I am who I am. That's why I don't support this illegal war. That's why I don't support our leaders. As a song once said: "The crucifix ain't no baseball bat, so what are we fighting for?"  Christ does not endorse war, not for any reason, in fact many of his commandments and teachings say to love those who persecute you, love your enemy, thou shalt not kill, we need to answer iraq with arms of love not hatred, and maybe then we can enact change.

If iraq did indeed attach us I'd say go ahead they started it and for security purposes we need to finish, but they didn't start anything. This is a war over oil. Plain and simple.

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Stem Cells, closer to reality.

I believe stem cell research is a great boon, and will help many millions of people live an increased level of comfort. For many it is the answer to paralysis and other degenerative diseases.

Why must these people suffer? I'm against abortion, but we're already flushing these stemcells down the drain. The embryo would be destroyed regardless of if we use them to aid mankind.

If something is going in the trash anyways, why not use it to the betterment of all? Is this immoral?

It's like plastic, and aluminum throwing it away is bad on the economy, but recycling it, resolves that issue.

I am sure that eventually this will get passed, already Patient Advocate groups are ramping up to do media blitzes against any presidential candidate who won't support this, and this is a hugely bi-partisan discussion as there are many many republicans who have family members who could be benefited by stem cell research. This is a national issue not a party issue.

It would've have passed veto-proof had 3 democrats voted on it, but they abstained, whether they attended the session or not I do not know, the bill only needed 1 more vote to make it a 2/3rds super majority in the senate, whether it would clear the house, is another matter, but I personally believe it would have had enough strength in the house to succeed.

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Here it is, the Bush quote of the day.

"There's a huge trust. I see it all the time when people come up to me and say, 'I don't want you to let me down again.'"

- George W. Bush October 3, 2000 Boston, Massachusetts

This was before his presidency and he admits people saying all the time "I don't want you to let me down again'.

For cryin' out loud, if we knew then, what we know now... can you say Hello President Gore?

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Now the Pentagon is extending All Iraq Army Tours by 3 Months

According to this article: "Pentagon to extend all Iraq Army tours by 3 months"

The pentagon at the order of Robert Gates will be extending all IRaq tours of duty.

This comes at a time when support for the war is down in the 20% range.

It doesn't matter how many soldiers you send at this thing, Iraq will

not be fixed, they're way to deep.

Continuing this insane war will only create more threats of terrorism,

and more animosity towards Americans.

Imagine if we could only put 10% of the $500 billion dollar Pentagon

budget towards schools, or roads, or business development in poverished

areas of America. What if we could just get our nose out of other people's business

and make America -truly a country that other nations lookup and admire.

In order to be the benchmark for other nations I personally think we need to be number 1.

America isn't the greatest nation in the world unless it's number 1, am I right?

Number 1 in:

Violence Control

Immigration Policies

Scientific Research


Poverty - a country like America has no reason to have people living in Poverty.

Education - Everyone should be able to get the best education regardless of circumstance.

And above all else - FREEDOM that's what America stands for and if you start taking

away our freedom, then we become Nazi Germany, and what's the point of spreading

democracy to countries like Afghanistan and Iraq if our very Democracy fails.

When your marriage is having problems do you go walking down the street to help all your other neighbor's marriages? NO. You fix things at home then you can go out and help others. Let's Fix America FIRST.

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