Cheney in Utah? See What this Utahn has to say:

*Bends over* Kiss my...oh yeah I'm a nice Mormon boy, with politeness and manners. So I will just say... "Kiss my Donkey", At least I wasn't born and bred here, but Ohio isn't much better it's a red state too- at least it was, there's not much red left in this country. Thank goodness. Now if we could stop shedding so much blood overseas we would have it made.

Here's a cool blurb I read over on the as a Mormon and Democrat I wholeheartedly  support these members of our church.

Hundreds of upset BYU students, professors and alumni are signing a petition in an attempt to convince BYU's administration to cancel the Cheney speech and invite someone else.

In their own words:

  • "As someone who's been heavily involved and advocated for things like torturing prisoners, and what-not, I just feel like that doesn't coincide with a Christian university." - BYU student Eric Bybee
  • "In our estimation, Vice President Cheney does not embody the ideals taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Inviting Cheney ... violates long-standing LDS Church and BYU policies regarding political neutrality and sanctions the actions of a prominent political figure who demonstrates questionable ethics," -Portion of a letter written by four BYU professors
  • "If Cheney's visit comes to pass, I will withdraw my support to BYU. I will not make any more donations, purchase another sweatshirt or attend another of its sporting events." -Katie Hatch in American Fork, Utah
I must take a moment to laugh at the Post's slug(it's in the url).

utahs-big-dick-cheney..... As I went on to read the post some more I realized how

The author sided w/ the opposition, so I have to say - bite my big...oh well you get the picture, It kind of makes me sick to link to a pro Cheney site, but maybe it'll help my pagerank, and at least I got these 3 good quotes from student's at BYU.

Here's another good post, saying how students opposing Cheney's trip to Utah are wanting to hold an alternate Commencement ceremony - it would feature Ralph Nader which would definitely be an improvement. Check out the article over on the Wasatch Watcher.

Other Great Posts:

Now Here are some good Posts regarding IMPEACHing Cheney, yes you heard me right one of my favorite politicians, albeit highly unlikely candidate is Dennis Kucinich - Well he recently put up a motion to impeach Cheney, which takes some big kahonies, but knowing Kucinich he's dead serious.

Check out these links for more info on this and on Dennis Kucinich that candidate:

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WP said...

You mean there are maybe 10 of us here in Utah who profess faith and champion the liberal agenda. Glad to know there is another. Some times I feel very lonely in opposing narrow mindedness, our legislature, our VP and W.

Mind if I add your link to mine?