War, what is it good for...

First off, I just read two amazing posts on this stupidity in Iraq. There's a song that idealizes my sentiments, 'The crucifix ain't no baseball bat Tell me what kind of God is that? Ain't nothing more godless than a war, what are we fighting for'.

My God is a god of peace, and love. Christ taught peace and love. The book of mormon is full of peace and love. And yet the 'religious' right if you can seriously call them religious would have you believe that killing for a cause is justified. - Show me a scripture to vouch for it.

Here's two good posts, one features a great speech by President Kimball, and another features another great proclamation sent out during world war 2.

"We are a Warlike People!"

"Why Mormons should oppose the War"


WP said...

Pre-emptive war is justified by the right wing neo cons and chicken hawks. Torture, and the suspension of the rule of law have been condoned by so many. The Geneva Convention on prisoner treatment has been ignored totally. Domestic spying and evesdropping on our telephone calls in the name of national secutity has been allowed.

One by one, Bush and his cronies are self destructing. As Lincoln's old adage goes about fooling all the people all of the time... we see Wolfowitz is out at the World Bank in disgrace. Rummy is in retirement. The AG won't last another two weeks and W is in denial. He will go down in the books maybe a bigger failure than Warren G. Harding. Problem is the world is a worse place because of evil and conspiring men like Karl Rove and his minions.

Thanks for your post!

vargas said...

You don't support abortion but you are against the war? I thought I was the only person on the planet who felt that way.

Nice to know I'm not alone!

Brian said...

Just happened upon your blog. You asked for a scripture to vouch that killing for a cause is justified. Here are a couple:

I Nephi 4:8-18 verse 13 really nails it.

Alma 51:15-21 Moroni was a great man physically and morally. If all men were like Moroni, "behold the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever..." see Alma 48:17-18

There are times when killing is justified by the Lord. Granted, Iraq might not have been one of them, but we are there now and must make the best of a bad situation.

Patrick Curl: Millionaire by 2009(google me) said...

I wouldn't consider oil money / a just cause.