Now the Pentagon is extending All Iraq Army Tours by 3 Months

According to this article: "Pentagon to extend all Iraq Army tours by 3 months"

The pentagon at the order of Robert Gates will be extending all IRaq tours of duty.

This comes at a time when support for the war is down in the 20% range.

It doesn't matter how many soldiers you send at this thing, Iraq will

not be fixed, they're way to deep.

Continuing this insane war will only create more threats of terrorism,

and more animosity towards Americans.

Imagine if we could only put 10% of the $500 billion dollar Pentagon

budget towards schools, or roads, or business development in poverished

areas of America. What if we could just get our nose out of other people's business

and make America -truly a country that other nations lookup and admire.

In order to be the benchmark for other nations I personally think we need to be number 1.

America isn't the greatest nation in the world unless it's number 1, am I right?

Number 1 in:

Violence Control

Immigration Policies

Scientific Research


Poverty - a country like America has no reason to have people living in Poverty.

Education - Everyone should be able to get the best education regardless of circumstance.

And above all else - FREEDOM that's what America stands for and if you start taking

away our freedom, then we become Nazi Germany, and what's the point of spreading

democracy to countries like Afghanistan and Iraq if our very Democracy fails.

When your marriage is having problems do you go walking down the street to help all your other neighbor's marriages? NO. You fix things at home then you can go out and help others. Let's Fix America FIRST.

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