Stem Cells, closer to reality.

I believe stem cell research is a great boon, and will help many millions of people live an increased level of comfort. For many it is the answer to paralysis and other degenerative diseases.

Why must these people suffer? I'm against abortion, but we're already flushing these stemcells down the drain. The embryo would be destroyed regardless of if we use them to aid mankind.

If something is going in the trash anyways, why not use it to the betterment of all? Is this immoral?

It's like plastic, and aluminum throwing it away is bad on the economy, but recycling it, resolves that issue.

I am sure that eventually this will get passed, already Patient Advocate groups are ramping up to do media blitzes against any presidential candidate who won't support this, and this is a hugely bi-partisan discussion as there are many many republicans who have family members who could be benefited by stem cell research. This is a national issue not a party issue.

It would've have passed veto-proof had 3 democrats voted on it, but they abstained, whether they attended the session or not I do not know, the bill only needed 1 more vote to make it a 2/3rds super majority in the senate, whether it would clear the house, is another matter, but I personally believe it would have had enough strength in the house to succeed.

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Political Junkie said...

The Church HAS taken an official position in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment and of course we are against abortion.

The Church, of course, has not endorsed a candidate, but Church members and Christians should know that that Romney is the only viable candidate running that is FOR the Federal Marriage Amendment and AGAINST federal funding for stem cell research. John McCain said he was against gay marriage but voted AGAINST the Federal Marriage Ammendment. McCain also said he was against federal funding for stem cell research before he voted FOR federal funding for stem cell research. In other words, McCain voted FOR federal funding of stem cell research and AGAINST the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Huckabee cannot win and vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain.

Patrick Curl: Millionaire by 2009(google me) said...

Political Junkie - The church has always stated that we must research out each candidate and choose the one that best fits our moral obligations.

The church also teaches that without FREE agency, we would be compelled by god or law to do what is right, and we would all do what is right without choosing to do so, which is Satan's plan.

The Federal Marriage Amendment, would compel morality upon society which in my opinion goes against Book of Mormon teachings -- and most important of all -- This issue isn't as big to me as the war.

I think the war is illegal, and must be stopped yesterday. I think the physical well-being of the American people should be our FIRST priority - famine, poverty, unemployment, uninsured, lack of education.

THESE ARE the #1 issues that need to be addressed. who cares if two men who confess to love each other, and are not members of our church, or are even excommunicated members choose to jot down on paper / cite vows that say they care for each other more than is normal.

It doesn't affect me, or my feelings for my wife. I'm as wary of gay guys as the next but I believe in America they should be free to do as they want.

Patrick Curl: Millionaire by 2009(google me) said...

Also - Stem cell research I believe needs to be done. I think there are better ways to gather those -- but they are making strides and finding new ways of getting stem cells.

by the way my choice for President is Obama(Only because Kucinich and Edwards both dropped out of the race...) I'm a devout Democrat, actually Republican turned Democrat - (Bush opened my eyes)... But I'd choose Mccain over Hillary - I just can't stand her... If it were between her and Mccain I don't know what I'd do.