Group of people - withhold paying taxes in defiance of the Iraq War

People like this, in my view are hero's. They'll probably end up getting in trouble for it,
but if more and more people follow suit, which could happen, then we might be looking at another Revolutionary, I mean what cut us off from Britain? Taxation without representation.

I for one, feel the same way as this group of non-tax paying citizens, that if the taxes are going to the war, and I oppose the war, then why pay the taxes?

More power to all of you, in this group.

The link can be found here:


Todd said...

Thought this would be fun to do.

Todd said...

I couldn't help but think you have more in common with most Democrats regarding abortion than most fundamental Republicans. You may be even more of a Democrat than you first thought.
Research it out, and tell me what you think.