A wonderful day for Democrats! - Kucinich Runs Again!

Today is a good day.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has decided to run for President again. He surely is an underdog, but I love his never failing ideals and his outlook on politics. Most politicians are running a popularity contest but Dennis goes after the things dearest to his heart, and never quits.

Some of his stances include: His biggest stance is to get us out of iraq, he's also big for Universal health care for all, environmental reforms, repealing the unconstitutional non-patriotic patriot act, media reform - so no one person is controlling the minds of everyone on tv or radio.

I am a strong supporter of Dennis, I was a strong supporter since he ran last time, and I'll always be a big supporter, as is my family, being from his home state of Ohio.

What's sad is that it may be as unlikely that an intelligent, peacemaker like Kucinich to get into office as President as it is for a Mormon to be a Democrat...oh wait isn't Harry Reid a Mormon Democrat? I guess there are miracles. Whether or not Kucinich makes it through the Primaries, I will give my vote to him, and maybe once and for all we can end this stupid war in iraq.

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