Mccain cannot even manage his campaign and his job as senator...

The big political news of the day of course is Mr Bush's (I'll never call him Mr. President..) proposal to reverse the blunder that he's responsible. Afterall it is under his watch that our country is at it's most dire moment since the great depression.

I think it's both funny, stupid, and outrageous, that Mccain is calling for a 'hold' on the campaigning process. Yes there is a lot going on, but I think American's need new leadership now, more than ever before in the history of this country. I think American's need to know that there will be a new leader before long, who can hopefully take us in a new direction.

I think this is a ploy by the Mccain campaign to get around debating altogether. They know that they cannot win a debate. They know that they don't stand a chance against Obama in an open debate. I believe Mccain is extremely afraid at the moment.

I honestly hope and pray that Obama does not give in and grant him his 'postponement'. I believe that the debate should go on as planned. If Mccain does sit out - then I think Obama should have some sort of live phone-in question and answer session with America. Give him the whole hour of FREE airplay, and let him answer questions about how he will run this country.

I think the only change that might be recommended would be to have the debate in DC to make it easy for both to attend the debate, as well as participate in the financial fix.

I think Mccain's campaign is dieing a fast and painful death. He's obviously not ready for a debate, and quite afraid. That's the real reason that he is not showing up on Friday. The American people deserve to have this debate. We've waited long enough. We've seen enough biassed political ads. We want to see the two would be Presidents battle it out face to face.

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