Furious Rant: Political Chats at Church MUST END!

I go to a very small branch in ohio. We have about 30-40 members or so. People seem to think that just because we have a small branch we can go against the prophet and break rules...

Every voting season Bishops across the nation read a letter from the 1st presidency outlining how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not endorse a political party and would like everyone to refrain from talking about politics while at Church...

Why then do I have to listen to people bash President Obama, or the worst one yet was a few weeks ago two of the respected leaders in our branch was having a conversation about global warming not really existing... and all I have to say is --

Do you really think that we can destroy our earth, pollute it constantly, and make it go from the beauty it once was to a crappy, smog-filled world without some consequence? Do you honestly think God wants to see his hard work sullied like this, and will sit idly by while we destroy it?

Pollution is to the earth like cigarette smoke is to us - it causes cancer. Global warming does exist it's a scientific fact, and it's also a curse for us destroying God's beautiful earth in favor of corporate growth and industry... Denying global warming exists just means you are in denial that we humans are giving the earth Cancer..

Denying global warming exists is denying that all actions have consequences a - cause and effect. We're taught this in the Book of Mormon, and it's also a law of physics. Every action has an equal reaction.

And ultimately denying global warming, just shows how ignorant a person you are in the first place...is this something you want others at church to know?

I don't write this to be mean, I wouldn't care if you have your own opinion on the matter, but when you bring it up in church where people are easily persuaded by what other people say on a subject - it's just not right... and it goes against the prophet. Being mormon does NOT mean being republican, personally I think it means the opposite - but that's my opinion.

And... since 'contention' is of the devil, I bite my lip and sit still while the people who always talk politics keep talking politics every week, driving off new members to our Branch... making my lip bleed, and driving the spirit out of the meeting for those of us who are angry at the republican party...

I'm usually an easy-going person but this just really gets my goat, and I'm not confrontational so instead of confronting the people, I'm just hoping that they or anyone else like them might read this entry and decide to be a better example and talk about non-political happenings, and church related topics cause politics just does not mix with religion. That's the end of my rant for now.. I'm sure I'll have to post another after Sunday... I just can't take much more.. I myself am about to go inactive because of the political talk in-between sunday school and priesthood meetings..


Aaron said...

Amen to all of what you said. I'm a fellow Mormon Democrat. I've had plenty of experiences sitting through lessons or talks at church that turn political (Republic pep rallies). I'm not a confrontational type of guy, so I haven't directly challenged those lessons in church. But I did send a letter to one instructor (a former mission president no less!) who spent the first 10 minutes of his lesson lamenting how poorly the media treated President Bush and how we all needed to support him and were wrong to criticize him. I tried to be even-handed in my letter, following the advice in D&C 121:43, but I got an angry call from him after he got the letter. I ended up forwarding the letter to the bishopric. I was only in that ward temporarily for an extended business trip, so I'm not sure what happened. But I think ward members need to know that bringing politics into our meetings is entirely unacceptable, so it is definitely a good thing to confront them, even if only in private.

I also have an LDS political blog. Do you mind if I link your blog to mine?

Aaron said...

Amen to all of what you just said. I'm also an LDS Democrat. I've had similar experiences as well where a few ward members like to pontificate about all of their right-wing political viewpoints in church meetings. It's so much worse when it is the instructor that does it! I've written letters to people who have done that, trying to follow the spirit of D&C 121:43. I think church members need to know that using sacred church meetings to air their political viewpoints is entirely inappropriate.

I've also got a political blog. Do you mind if I link yours to mine?

Patrick Curl: Extreme Social Mar said...

sure Aaron - drop me an email w/ your blog info and we can trade links. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

It does give me some assurance knowing that there are even general authorities who are democrat, I know President Faust was.

Not that I want to throw my political views down people's throats, more I feel that when it comes to things at church the old idiom 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all' should stand...and when it comes to politics.. everything is negative (there's always someone on the negative end of the comments - very anti-spirit).