Wanted: G Dubya. For Crimes Against Humanity!

I thought this picture was very fitting. I wish we could seriously try Bush for treason, crimes against humanity, stealing tax payers dollars, stealing and bribing election committees, starting an illegal war, defiling the constitution, and essentially destroying the bill of rights.
When did the voice of the people start not mattering?
When did we go from ' We the People, For the People" to "We the rich people, in order to Crap on the Poor People?"!
When did non-living corporate entities, start having more rights than born and bred American Citizens?
When did politicians, start using the constitution to wipe their asses, instead of guiding their steps.
Why is it legal for a multi-billion dollar lobbying group to bribe a politician who makes the laws. But it is illegal to bribe a police officer who only enforces the laws?
Why do Americans no longer care for their rights enough to stand up and fight for them.. blogging, talking, etc..are all good and dandy, but our forefathers made things happen, they enacted change, by force if needed... When will it come to the point where force will be needed?
80% of the people are united in wanting Universal Healthcare, and getting us out of Iraq - with a mandate that large...why are we still there?! Its an outrage to the ideals of liberty that our founding fathers dreamed of.
Jefferson was right when he said that The two party system would be the death of the United States. Benjamin Franklin was also right when he said that 'Those who give up their freedom in exchange for security, deserve neither freedom NOR security."
I'm working with a team of individuals to start a Social Network for Universal Healthcare - This will be a movement to rock the nation, and actually make a change. Our plan is to have a multi-industry Strike. When we reach 10,000,000 members or more... we are going to all call in sick - until the government gives us Universal Healthcare... We the workerbees of the rich need to band together and fight against the corporate tyranny overtaking our nation.
If you'd like to be part of the movement drop me a comment and I'll send you an email when the site launches.

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jake White said...

I couldn't agree more.
To read excerpts from Iraqi War veterans, see my blog: www.politicolossus.com.