Universal Health CAre - I think it's ABOUT TIME!

50 Million Americans are without care, add that to the number of people in poverty, and we as a nation have some serious issues.

Here we are supposedly the greatest nation in the world, our economy is tanking, millions of Americans are losing their homes, the stock market is crashing, and to top it all off a large population of our country can't afford proper insurance, 50 million are un-insured how many more are under-insured?

It's an epidemic, if it isn't taken care of soon, there is going to be a revolt, or civil war, it is inevitable. Right now as I see it, 75% of politicians are corrupt, and instead of listening to those who vote for them, they listen to those who pay them the most money -- aka the lobbyists.

Now I ask you this, what is a police officer? A civil servant or public servant. What is a senator or congressman? A public servant. Is it legal to bribe a police officer? Hell no! Then why is it legal to bribe those who make the laws that the police officers enforce? That's ludicrous.

It throws everything in the constitution away.

It's we the People, for the People, by the People. Not we the People, for the Richest people, buy the Rich people.

To be healthy and able to live a long life is a right.

It is essential to the pursuit of happiness, and Liberty.

Insurance companies and the billing industry around them is costing us 300 Billion dollars per year, - it's aLL fluff, needless money spent on a needless industry that is not making a difference.
We are the only developed nation in the world that cares more about money and companies than it's own people. Someday that is going to bite us in the behind and there will be a war because of it.

We need to fix our homes before we go fix another nation. Get out of Iraq, come home, apply the excess money to repairing America.

What are your opinions on Universal Healthcare - I can't see why people would oppose it? England has been successful with it since World War 2, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Cuba, etc... All successful in running Universal Healthcare - without the quality of care suffering, at all.

Why then is America so afraid to adopt it?

Please leave your comments Yay or Nay. I currently am insured, I pay $200 a month for isurance for my wife and I. I make $1500 a month, that's a huge chunk of money we currenty only afford to live paycheck to paycheck, how much stress would be relieved if we didin't have to worry about our healthcare. I'm sure crime would go down, and the stress of our collective nation would be a lot less.

Anyways I'm off to church.
Catchya later...

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