President Gordon B Hinckley dies at 97.

President Gordon B Hinckley has died. The prophet is dead.

It's hard to believe, President Hinckley was such an amazing leader, it's so hard to believe he's dead.

I've been extremely touched by his wisdom, and delicate humor. His inspiring words and faith has been the epitomy of strength.

I'm honored to have known of him, having never met him in person. I recall attending a general conference once, though where I was a stone's throw.

Being 28, and a convert at age 14, he was pretty much the only prophet I've ever known, it is shocking that he died.

President Hinckley will be missed, but its definitely pleasant that he is now able to go home to his beloved Marjorie.

I think, that means that President Monson, will be the next President.

If you're reading this - how did you feel when you first heard this news?

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