Edwards Finishes 3rd, but he's far from Over.

Edwards managed to finish third in New Hampshire. Which is saddening since I think he is one of the candidates with the most character and integrity, (besides Dennis Kucinich, lol)..

But don't let that upset you, Edwards is in this till the end, he is determined to be President, I believe he will get that wish, if not this time around, then definitely in 2012, or 2016. I'm sure we haven't seen the end of him.

I'd love to see an Obama / Edwards vie for the whitehouse, personally. Perhaps Edwards should bow out, in order to give Obama the edge and keep Hillary from the oval office.

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chad said...

I hate to say this because I see that you like Edwards quite a bit (as do I although I am in Obamas corner) but truthfully the longer Edwards stays in the race it becomes more clear that his candidacy is only helping Obama by taking votes away from Hillary.

This is fine by me ~ because I hope Obama wins...I was a strong supporter for Edwards in 2004, even worked on the campaign in my local area...

Also take a look at this site www.democratsforlife.org
It may be worth a link - BTW great site, as a staunch Democrat and a sideline 'investigator' of the Church I wondered whether or not my political views would be welcome in LDS circles, your site shows me that although a minority you are out there...thanks.