Mike Gravel, aka Kucinich 2.0 to keep Running!

It seems that former Senator Mike Gravel, from Alaska,
who shares many of the same opinions as Ohio Rep Dennis Kucinich
will remain in the running for President.

However today, he spent most of the day with Doctors, instead
of his supporters, as he is having a bad upper respiratory infection..

My random thought:
I hate upper Respiratory stuff its always nasty, I get those all the time, hell I had
upper respiratory infection, and Bronchitis at my wedding,
then we went to mesquite, NV to the Casino's and bam - nothing
but cigarette smoke in the air..

The end of my random thought :).

I hope Mike Gravel, has a speedily recovery, and is able to continue his run. He seems like a nice enough guy, although I'm still a Kucitizen.

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