Regretfully Announcing the Winners of the NH Primary 2008

The results are in, some precincts are still reporting, but by all accounts, somehow the wicked witch from Arkansas has managed to take over New Hampshire, or at least gain their vote, why or how, I can't begin to understand...(she is from Arkansas, right? or is she from New York..maybe I should research..she's the NY senator, but Bill was Arkansas' governor...oh well who knows or cares?)....

On the republican side, it looks like Mccain has taken the lead, it's going to be one of those races that, you just don't know what's going to happen next. I must say, I'd like to see Huckabee win the Republican ticket, just because it would show that it doesn't matter how much money you have to throw at it. That maybe we should take money out of politicking altogether.

I actually just can't like Romney at all, he just seems stuck up and full of himself. I don't care if he is Mormon, and shares the same faith. I'd vote for just about anyone but him or Hillary. Of course Ron Paul as Republican leader would be a nice change.

Barack Obama announced that he is "still fired up and ready to go" after finishing second to Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Primary. The results at one point were too close to call with Hillary only leading by a small margin, which at least shows that he has the support, Hillary just manged to garner a little more of the vote, which was expected of the people in New Hampshire.

It's believed if you win Iowa and New Hampshire, then you'll win the nation, it is now definitely anybody's ball game. I'm excited to see what comes about, in a way I think this is more exciting than a good hockey or basketball game. Honestly, I am a little anxious, as I don't think we want Clinton as a president, I don't think she has what it takes, to be honest, and her campaign seems to be faltering slightly.

More from Obama:

"You know, a few weeks ago no one imagined that we'd have accomplished what we did here tonight in New Hampshire," he told supporters. "For most of this campaign, we were far behind. We always knew our climb would be steep.

"But, in record numbers, you came out and you spoke up for change. And with your voices and your votes you made it clear that at this moment in this election there is something happening in America."

He then congratulated Senator Clinton, and asked the crowd to give her a round of Applause.

"All the candidates in this race have good ideas and all are patriots who serve this country honorably," Obama said.
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