Why Mormons Should be Democrats

Democratic Party logoImage via Wikipedia It states in the Book of Mormon that we are to have free agency, and that there is an opposition in all things. In fact it is God's plan that we should have the freedom to make our own decisions.

Further it was Satan's plan that we would NOT be able to make our own decisions and instead we would be compelled to do what is right. Or in other words that morality would be forced upon us.

If we had no choice in the matter we would all make it back to heavenly father but not as individuals with purpose but as drones with no free will or agency.

Heavenly Father wants us to make choices, without making choices we cannot grow or progress. Each of us has our own weaknesses. Many of the choices we make whether good or bad affect the lessons we learn in life.

The republican party is about taking control of all moral issues like same sex marriage(I don't belive in or condone it - but if someone else's faith per se does then it's their own choice) it doesn't affect me what someone else chooses, it doesn't hurt my life. It isn't right, that's for sure - but it's not right for us as Latter-day saints or American's to FORCE other's to do what is right.

The beauty of freedom is that people can do what they please as long as it doesn't hurt another person, I believe in that fully. I believe the government has already crossed many fine lines on this matter. As long as someone is not a danger to someone they should be allowed to do what they choose.

This is how God planned it, and the democratic party is much more open to this belief, which is why I associate with it.

Another issue many bring up about democrats is that of Abortion, I am a democrat and don't support nor condone abortion, there are many of us... I don't believe in banning it either though, I believe that the situation is a grave and delicate one, and that there should be a lengthy process of education before abortion. I think there should be a government program focusing on adoption over abortion but in the end that it is that person's choice, as are all choices. I know if abortion weren't legal that there would be many back-door abortions.

What about instead of abortions, transferring the baby to be aborted into the womb of those who can't conceive? Is that an option?

There are many discussions that we could have but I honestly believe that the democrat party is one that is more open an honest and less in favor of large corporations.

What say you? Should we be compelled to be moral by the government - or have the option to choose for ourselves?
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Lula O said...

I found your post interesting, and was happy to find another lds Democrat somewhere in the United States! Who would have believed it! My father, a lifelong Mormon and dare I say it, a Democrat too, always said if Christ had to chose a political party, it would be democratic. (Minus the abortion and gay stuff) Democrats are about helping others, the sick, the meek, the poor; being our brother's keepers. Republicans are about helping themselves.

The Democrats started programs like social security and medicare for the elderly, much to the opposition of the Republicans at the time - that really hasn't changed much. They say that's being for big government. I don't necessarily agree. Just look at the problems with our financial institutions today, only 'big government' had the ability to bail them out. It can serve a purpose when the needs arise.

It's amazing how often I have to remind people that the Mormon Church does not encourage and endorse any political party. They think I'm a bit of an enigma. And you know what? I like that...

Anonymous said...

Interesting thought, but one I find flawed for too many reasons to list in one e-mail. In short, it ain't the Republican party that wants to restrict choice. It ain't the Republican party that wants to control every facet of our lives. It ain't the Republican party that wants to have a "government program" to solve all the world's ills.

(Frankly, I must admit that neither party has been able to convince me that they are capable of charting a course that ensures freedom and liberty, but if I had to pick one it would NOT be the Democrats--the party whose platform seems most closely aligned with the plan of Satan!...."You can't take care of yourself, you're incapable, let us do it for you")