Another Mormon Democrat website. Check it out.

Hey guys and gals, yesterday in my searches I found a really cool website called ...dum dum dum dum...."The Mormon Democrat". Pretty straight forward, wonder what it could be about? Okay, no I don't, I hope it would be about a Mormon Democrat, or else I had been led astray.

Anyways it's a really cool website, relating why democrats are more closely aligned with the teachings of Jesus Christ than are republicans, and why, it even has scriptures supporting it.

ALSO, I read on and found out that he used to even be a republican, imagine a republican mormon turn democrat, will wonders ever cease?

Some other cool features of his website are Famous Democratic Church Leaders, like did you know President Wilford Woodruff was a Democrat? Did you know also that so is James E. Faust of the First Presidency? Well, now you know!

Another cool feature is the Hall of fame featuring Mormon Democratic reps now and through history with pictures.

Another feature is a list of Conservative Hypocrites, to me this show's proof to all those Christians who believe that the Republican party is the party of Christ, would Christ support these leaders? I doubt it..

So check it out.


David H. Smith said...

Great stuff here. What else you adding?

(my blog)

Eric said...

Hey, I'm a Mormon that used to be a Republican. There are a lot of us! I just got tired of all the hate speech until I finally put aside my biases and realized that the church's teachings are extremely liberal.

Now I wonder why I was ever a Republican in the first place. Seems crazy to me.