What do you think?: Illegal Immigration.

Today, I've decided to start a question and answer session, hopefully if you're reading this you'll partake in it as well.

I'm calling this segment of my blog: "What do you think?" Each day I'll ask a question and you can leave a comment about some ways you think we could combat the issue.

Today's topic is Illegal Immigration. How do you think we should handle it, and let's take it from a realistic standpoint there are some 10 million illegals already here, how do we handle that ethically and fiscally?.

Personally, I think right now there's nothing we can do about those already here, yes we can deport them, but I think this may hurt a lot of families that are mix legal/illegal. I also think it will hurt our economy because there won't be enough workers to go around.

Here's my suggestion on how we combat this problem.
1. We build a big huge Barrier or Wall separating America from Mexico, this wall should also go about 20 feet underground, to get rid of any tunnels, I would say maybe use concrete.

2. For those already here, give them legalization, if they can meet the following requirements:
  1. Learn English. By 2010.
  2. Get their GED /H.S. Diploma
  3. Get fingerprinted and sign a declaration that they will honor and sustain the law of the land, and live by it's precepts or lose their right to live here. Along with this, if they were criminally charged they would be required to serve their time then be deported.
  4. They would be required to get identification and documentation, and be empowered to report any kind of discrimination by employers. This would put them on the grid, so to speak. It would make it so they could be tracked for criminal activity, as well as for taxes and other issues.
Look at it this way, there are 5-10 million of these illegal Americans. They don't really have any rights so work a lot cheaper than Americans. When they have a medical issue they go to the emergency room, which raises our insurance costs. They don't have to pay any taxes at all, and some are almost non-existant or hidden from the government's knowledge.

If we give them some protection that they will be paid as well as everyone else on minimum wage, if we require documentation, we can then receive tax revenue off of them. 12 million extra tax payers could help out our national debt drastically.

I also think another reason for legalization and documentation is the threat of terrorists. With the influx of illegal immigrants our terrorism threat heightens. If every illegal in America is fingerprinted, and has their fingerprints and a dna sample put into a computer database, then if there are any threats we can better be able to follow up on them.

These are just some of my ideas, I believe that this is a huge issue though, that needs some discussion, so please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I'm almost ashamed to call myself a Mormon when I listen to how many people have singled out Mexicans as the 'illegal' aliens who must be controlled, imprisoned, displaced, scattered, and on and on, just because it has SUDDENLY become politically correct. What a bunch of sorry, sorry, selfish people. Think of the Jews who were criminalized by the Nazi in about the same way the Mexicans are being set out as criminals and think of the horrific results. I am ashamed to hear people who so spitfully resent giving aid to those who come here to work and do the most difficult of jobs for low wages which we ALL benefit from. Wait until you have driven them all off or imprisoned them...think what the cost of lettuce will be and everything else then.
The same people who are the most rabid in driving out the Mexicans because of what it costs the poor taxpayers, are the same taxpayers who think nothing of spending 1.6 trillion dollars fighting wars of agression all over the world.
And as if, closing and building walls on the Mexican border would stop even 1 single terrorist. It won't...that is a media scam (a Lou Dobbs lie) that you all fall for because it was merely thrown out there. Any terrorist wanting in this country would simply come down across the Canadian border, and they have.. and I'm sure they probably laugh at the sheer stupidity and cowardace of the American people. Should there be a wall built there - across the Canadian Border? The real terrorists in this country are your media and law enforcement who keep promoting this vile hatred soley so they can justify their jobs and existence. Justice in this country has become a media spectator sport and nothing more. This country has lost it's soul. I wonder if Christ would respond to these people in the way I've seen people on the web respond...people who call themselves Christians. How soon you all forget that it is only 150 to 200 years ago when this land belonged to the Indians and Mexicans...I wonder if they thought 'we' were illegal aliens. God doesn't build walls and borders....man does. God leads people where he wants them.
Better read your scriptures closely Mormons...you are way off base on some of these new politically correctisms.

Anonymous said...

How big do you think they should make the wall. Should there be cameras and guards. What about Mexicans using boats to get to America. Should we use raders to track them and force them to go in the other direction.

There are tons of things we need to and can do to stop illegal immigration.

So far G. Bush has spent 1.5 trillon dollors on the War on Terrorists. 1.5 trillon....... It could have been used to help our own country and stop illegal immigration. If Mexicans keep coming crime rates could go up. Schools would be crowded, ect.

The Earth is already crowded as it is...