A glorious day indeed!

Congress is now back in the hands of those who would fight for the everyday american. The interests of big businesses will no longer be the only interests honored.

It's exciting to see the turn of the tide, I'm enthusiastic and excited to see what changes the new congress will bring, perhaps we could even get an impeachment proceeding started, as I think there's definitely probably cause to bring about impeachment. The Iraq war should be enough, as it was started with a lie, and thus perjury was it's father.

Let's bring home our troops, they've served us honorably let's bring them home to their families where they belong. I used to believe America was the best country to live in, but now I'm not so sure, you'd think if we truly were the best nation in the world we'd be number 1 across the board in different statistics, wouldn't you? Aren't most 'bests' measured in benchmarks? Why should the USA be any different.

Are we really the best?

Then why aren't we number 1 across the board? Are we #1 in Education? What about National Security? What about international opinions? What about needs of individuals? Poverty? Crime? Freedom of Speach(We rank 54th in the world)? Roads? Immigration? If we truly were all that - wouldn't we be #1 in all the above benchmarks and more? How about the economy? Healthcare? Border? Safety in schools? Media?

All I see are crisises left and right, not stability. If we would take just 15% of our Iraq budget and direct it to our areas of need within America, then yes we could be the best country in the World. America once was the best, I feel we can get there again someday, I also feel if we don't fix some things and change the way we're headed, then we're in danger of becoming a New Rome. And Rome of course fell, and so must America if we keep spreading ourself so thin. We owe billions upon billions to China, what happens when China calls us on that debt, and won't loan anymore? We're already taxed beyond belief - how would we function if all of our loans were called due? We'd be in a pretty tight predicament. We need to be very careful.

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