And the Next Big Mccain Supporter is... Al Quaida?

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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="235" caption="Image by earthpro via Flickr"]John McCain and Sarah Palin[/caption]

Well it's not Colin Powell...

Apparently an Al Quaida Jihadist is supporting John Mccain by calling for a terrorist attack on America before election day to ensure that Mccain is elected and thus ensuring the further demise of the American economy, and eventually the military as well.

This endorsement makes the Aires thing sound like a dream. Seriously, I don't know why he's still even trying. John, do yourself a favor - drop out before it gets worse...

On top of the Al Quaida endorsement is the fact that the Mccain campaign spent $150,000 just on designer clothes for Sarah Palin.

Now isn't she supposed to represent the American hockey mom? How many hockey moms have a $150,000 clothing bill?

They're trying to peg Obama as an elitest - now who's an elitest? If they waste that much money on clothes, where else will they waste money after becoming President.

We really can't afford John Mccain, not to mention Sarah Palin's clothing bill.

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