Mccain: "Obama shared his toys in Kindergarten- that means he's a communist!"

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Obama said about being called a socialist "Next thing he's gonna do is call me communist for sharing my toys in Kindergarten"

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I think this is hillarious - Mccain trying to bring up a sixty year old argument. It just shows how old he is. Communism / Socialism was an issue back in the 50's that people kept bringing up and using in politics.

Socialism has nothing to do with Barack Obama's economic plan. Fact is taking money from corporations where ceo's get paid millions of dollars more than they are worth and giving it to those who buy their products, or work for minimal wages is more than fair.

I don't think anyone is worth 20,000,000 +, if I were making that much I would give 20% or more just to charity - and I wouldn't mind paying higher taxes to help the poor and middle class who are struggling to get by.

I think all Mccain has left is petty attacks. Personally - I think the only people who should get the 95% of tax cuts are those who voted for them - screw the rest of ya... It's a fact from independant agencies that more regular Americans benefit under Obama's plan, vs Mccain's plan where only big corporations benefit.

If you vote for big corps to get the money then you shouldn't receive a dime. A vote for Mccain is a vote for no Tax cuts for the middle class.

As for me, I cast my vote for Obama - on the very first day of early voting here in Ohio. I had just moved a few weeks before so I registered to vote, and voted on the same trip. It was extremely easy, straight-forward. I feel good about my choice, and decision and it has been a weight off my chest. I don't have to worry about long lines on election day either.

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