The Many Versions of Michael Jackson's Thriller -

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Here is a mashup of all the different Thriller videos I found online.

First there's the original, and obviously the best with Michael Jackson:

Next we have a how-to on how to do the Thriller Dance:

This is one of my favorites - Watch a Phillipino Prison do the Thriller:

And here's the Lego version of Thriller:

Here's a thriller video for the Final Fantasy Fans:

Here's a hilarious thriller at a Wedding video:

For you Second Lifers here's a SL Thriller Video:

This one is definitely the cutest Thriller video - cute little 3 yr old dancing to Thriller:

Another geekie wedding Thriller video, it's a pretty good one though!

Wow, is all I can say about this version - definitely the Sexiest version of Thriller, I've ever seen - I can't find an embed for this so you'll have to check it out on youtube.

Ok, Now I've seen everything - a Real Life Chipmunk doing Thriller...This one's short but cute:

Here's a Marine in Iraq doing the Thriller Dance:

Here's a funny Thriller Spoof Video from the BBC:

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