Secret's Out: My TWO Biggest Money Makers.

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First, my top money maker is Market Leverage.

I absolutely love this program. They have some very easily converting programs. My advice to get the most from this program is to write blog posts on their products.

Example - I wrote a sponsored blog post on a pay-per-action debt product called 'debt clear'. The post can be found here: "Legally get rid of credit card debt - Forever!"

I wrote this post on August 29th. To date I've made $56 in September and $16 this month off that one blog post. This is just one example.

My second top money maker is find-it quick. This program actually pays you per impression, and also per click. The more clicks the more you make, but you are guaranteed to make at least $1.00 per 1000 unique hits.

Both programs also offer great referral programs where you get paid for people you refer to the program as well. I highly recommend taking a moment and checking both sites out. Of course I would also appreciate your signing up and giving them a try through my affiliate link.

Also - if you have experience with Market Leverage or Find-it Quick two souces of income - pro or con - please let me know via comments on this post.

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