7 Steps to Dominate Google Trends, and Make it as a Full-time Blogger!

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Google Trends is the untold hero of my blog.

Google trends is my hero. I'd almost given up blogging. I actually was about to call it completely quits this past summer.

I was making maybe $20 per month, and working my ass off. Then I saw a post at digital point forums, someone said they'd heard someone had gotten a lot of hits by using google trends, they were wondering if this was really possible.

Not one to wait for an answer, I went out and did my own experimenting. I wrote a blog using the keywords "Hurricane Gustav Track", now my blog has nothing to do about weather, but my blog got hammered from that one blog post.

I was sold. Since then I've been working feverishly posting google trends posts and have been very happy with my results. Let's just say it's gotten me out of the 9-5 and now I'm making a full-time living blogging.

Here is my easy to follow system for using google trends.

Step 1: Bring up Google Trends in your browser.

Step 2: Browse all the hot topics. Write down any hot keyword phrases that appear more than once, or are related to other keywords.

Using Google TrendsI've chosen: The #1 and #6 terms which are: "rahm emanuel freddie mac" and "biography of rahm emanuel" .

When there are multiple related words showing up in google trends, these are very hot topic items. You will get a huge influx of search engine traffic by targeting these keywords in a post.

Step 3: Research. Once you've chosen your topic, or 'trend' you now click on the trend, and it will show you news and blog posts related to this trend. I choose to look through the blog posts.

hot google trends

As you see I click on 'Blog Posts', then I find some blog posts to read to find more info on the topic.

Normally I ignore sites that list a whole bunch of keywords in bold - these are generally google trends spammers. Instead I look for sites that have a good description of the post that I like. Sometimes though it's hard to figure out which is which without visiting the site. Unless it's a popular site like Huffington Post.

I visit the related blog posts to get some ideas about what to write, I generally write down a few of the important keypoints.

Step 4. Write the blog post. I make it very informative. I make sure to use each related keyword phrase at least 2-3 times in the blog post. This will bring in more search engine traffic by helping you rank higher.

Step 5. Pingbacks. Lastly I add at least 5 links to related blog posts. I generally try to find posts that are running on wordpress, as I know wordpress blogs generally at least have the ability to get a link back via trackback.

Step 6. Use a picture. Many people when searching will find your site from google images. You should as a rule try and have an image with every blog post, not just those tailored to Google Trends.

Step 7. Analyze. Now that you've written your post - analyze your traffic and see where they're coming from. You should notice a huge surge of traffic directly from google.

Using these techniques I've been able to take my blog to a whole new level. From less than 1000 pageviews daily to 4,000 to  10,000+ per day. I've also been able to bring in 1,000-2,000 unique hits daily.

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