Sickening Racist Obama Jokes floating around the web...

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Just when you thought America has turned a proverbial leaf, it appears that some big Racist Obama Jokes are floating around.

Come on people - aren't we beyond our stupid petty differences?

I mean heck, some people actually believe the guy is a muslim. Barack Obama is neither Arabic nor Muslim. But if he were - what would be wrong with that? Shouldn't anyone be allowed to run for President in America despite their ethnic background, and their faith?

Not all muslims, or arabs back radical islamic teachings. The pure teachings of the muslim world are quite peaceful.

Not to be cliche` but 'Can't we all just get along'?

America made great strides voting for an African American President in Barack Obama. As a white christian, I'm ready for an America that doesn't take race or faith into account when choosing it's leaders.

But then, I'm not average on anything. I'm Mormon and a huge Obama fan.

Let's just quit it on the Obama racism jokes, please. To joke about Race and our president in that context is to truly be unamerican - you might as well go burn a few flags, and join the taliban.

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