The Puppy in Chief - a Portuguese Water Dog?

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The Most Anticipated High Level Position in the White House...

The most anticipated cabinet position in the Obama white house isn't chief of staff. It isn't Secretary of State, or Secretary of Defense. This one even trumps Vice President.

Yes, you guessed. Chief mutt. There has been some talk today that he might choose a portuguese water dog. Not to be confused with a water horse like the loch ness monster.

Honestly, no offense to portuguese water dog lovers, but I don't think this would be that good of a choice. They're just kinda ugly dogs. Sure they may be a hypoallergenic breed - but a yorkshire terrier would be a lot cuter.

Plus yorkies are very smart and talented. I'm sure they could learn enough if need be to take over if both Obama and Biden become incapacitated.

I mean, technically speaking a yorkie's IQ may trump George W Bush's. Of course, we might get 'more of the same' lol.

Although, on the bright side I don't think a Yorkie would be as influenced by special interests as Bush, unless of course IAMS started lobbying.

What say you? Portuguese Water Dog? Yorkie? Or something else completely?

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