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Finally - My favorite book - Sword of Truth comes to TV! TONIGHT!!!

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I must say, I am totally excited about tonight. Yes, I'm a geek. The legend of the Seeker launches on abc networks. I was afraid at first because I couldn't find it listed anywhere - luckily my tivo lets me search shows, and I found it playing on WGN. Most places are showing it on the WB.

Legend of the Seeker is the highly anticipated tv series based on Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series (which I've read all 11 books like 2 times at least.)

It should be pretty good, as it is being put together by the director of Spiderman. Of course, I can say that a part of me is sad that it's not gonna be in theatres, and Peter Jackson isn't directing it. After seeing what he did with Lord of the Rings, I'd have loved to see him take on the Sword of Truth - which I actually liked reading more than I did Tolkien.

The Legend of the Seeker follows young Richard Cypher, a woods guide. Richard is encompassed in a mighty quest mere weeks after his father's brutal murder by an evil king from a land across two impassible boundaries, in a world that Richard never even thought he'd be a part of one day.

Richard saves Kahlan a woman who has a special ability. She's called a confessor, not just any confessor though, she is the Mother Confessor. Her ability is to touch people, and make them fiercely devoted to her. The premise is that their job is to be the last ditch effort in heinous crimes where men who claim to still be innocent can choose to confess to a confessor, or be hanged. Many choose hanging, even if innocent, because the touch of a confessor is permanent.

Kahlan carries a harsh burden put on her from birth. She can never love, and never let herself get close to someone. In the intimate moments when passion over-takes thought she would be unable to control her power and would unleash the power in her lover.

Richard having no idea what she is, is the first person to accept her for who she is, but she can't bring herself to tell him what and who she is, risking the world on a lie, to keep the only friend she's ever had.

There's some major twists, lots of wizards and magic, a dragon or two. Fierce creatures, and an awesome story of love, devotion, passion, faith, honor, and more. Legend of the seeker is an epic journey that can't be missed.

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