Did SNL Save Mccain's Campaign? er...probably not...

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Mccain's next career: SNL comedian?

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At least, Mccain could fall back to a regular on SNL - maybe we could call him Alec Baldwin #2.

Ya know, I give Mccain props, he definitely is a funny old white guy. Does that mean he can be the next President of the United States...eh I wouldn't count on it. His showing on SNL was quite funny, both in the opening sequence and the news segment.

It starts out with John Mccain and Sarah Palin(Tina Fey reprising the role), unable to afford their own infomercial they worked out a deal with QVC to talk about their campaign whilst selling souvenires. It's hillarious, but there are a lot of spots where he really makes fun of himself pretty dang bad. I can't really say anything about it that would make you understand, its definitely one of those things you just have to see. So here are the videos:

Mccain and Sarah Palin QVC Skit:

Mccain dissing himself on Weekly Update:

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