Commission Blueprint - A Serious Review from a Serious Super Affiliate.

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Today I'm gonna review a new product on the market called "Commission Blueprint" which was created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

Commission Blueprint is a training program on how to maximize affiliate profits using Clickbank and Google adwords.

The authors of the program state that the couse is a "no-holds barred step by step course showing every last secret" that they know.

The product consists of a one time $77 charge for 14 videos and more than 3 ebooks that provide extensive details and examples of the more technical material discussed in the program.

The second part of the product is a $67 a month membership site that the authors promise will continue to provide more training on maximizing affiliate profits. The membership site includes some nice resources such as templates, and sample landing pages for marketing campaigns.

A $4.95 trial membership is being offered to those who purchase the video package.

I highly recommend at least trying out the monthly membership, and definitely putting everything you got into making this video series work for you.

I've been using a lot of the same techniques myself for years, and have learned many more techniques that are making me a lot more money than I was before.

The Creators of Commission BluePrint:

Steve Clayton is an expert in marketing and technology and has served as VP for a fortune 500 company in Burlington, NC. Steve currently manages over a million dollars in adwords campaigns each year.

Tim Godfrey is an internet marketer who has been successful in the health and golf niches, and has run a very profitable online gambling site.

Commission BluePrint: Product.

The 14 Videos are narrated by Steve Clayton. There are over three hours of video explanations that show how Steve was able to become a super affiliate with Clickbank.

The product teaches step by step training on how to find the bst clickbank products and what you need to do to milk the products for every nickel and dime.

The videos start out a little slow, but by the end they cover a gold mine of information. Be sure to have a pen and paper handy to take some detailed notes.

Some of the topics covered include:

Keyword Research:

How to find 4-6 products and test them for profitability. Also an overview of the different statistics and definitions related to clickbank and adwords.

Domain Names and Hosting:

Choosing the right domain and hosting plan.

Creating Landing Pages:

How to setup and build good looking, high converting landing pages.

Managing Adwords Campaigns:

How to combine the statistics from adwords and clickbank to manage keyword ad campaigns. Steve also covers how to determine which keywords are producing and which aren't.

Scaling your Affiliate Business:

Steve explains here how to increase your daily commissions, and optimize bids to increase profitability. Steve also explains when to copy your campaign over to msn and yahoo.

Steve also explains when to use email campaigns or JV with other marketers, how and when to use SEO, how to use opt-in pages, and how to create Thank You pages.

Cash Flow:
This section explains how clickbank pays out its commissions, so you can budget your money to better manage your adwords campaigns. Steve also explains why it may be beneficial to get a tax advisor or accountant.

What I liked Best:
Overall the information was very well organized and very thorough. Each part was presented in a logical method and order.

I enjoyed videos 3-14 the most as they contained the most useful information for me personally. I also enjoyed the free templates, and attractive opt-in page template which all looked very professional.

What I didn't like:

The video takes a little bit of time to get to the real meat and potatoes so to speak, but once it hits ya, a major lightbulb comes on and you can start making some really decent money almost overnight.

I give this product a high mark, and definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.

Purchase Commission Blueprint Now!

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