Best of October. A recap of the month on There's a Blog in My Soup

(My Original Blog Post:
This month was great to me traffic wise. I'm working on increasing my monetization as well. I don't think $248 is too shabby though for one month's work.

Here are some of the best posts for the month:

  1. Extreme Pumpkin Carving - over 25 resources for the Pumpkin Carving Enthusiast

  2. Set Goals or DIE! Part 1: Posting Frequency Goals...

  3. Mahalo joins the Layoff Express. Bastard, Laying people off is Unamerican!

  4. 17 Kicka** Green Businesses to Start Now!

  5. The Many Versions of Michael Jackson's Thriller - 12 to be exact!

  6. 26 Exciting Home-Based business ideas!

  7. Have a Happy Debt Free Christmas - 4 Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season

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