MySpace Launches Profile 2.0 - Featuring Drag and Drop!

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MySpace Launching Profile 2.0 - Feature Filled Drag and Drop Profile Upgrade...

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Myspace the world's first and still foremost leader in social networking has announced the integration of Profile 2.0 (I wonder when everything will hit 3.0? Isn't 2.0 getting a bit old?).

Profile 2.0 for myspace is the next step in the global site redesign which is enabling millions of users to opt-in to customize the appearance of their profiles using an inovative drag-and-drop ajax user interface.

Profile 2.0 is a huge step towards the next wave of Myspace's global redesign initiative which they launched this past year. This new profile page arrives on the heels of a new splash page, and navigation redesign only months earlier. Profile 2.0 builds on MySpace's existing framework and allows deeper levels of control with their friend categorization functionality.

Major features of MySpace Profile 2.0:

Drag and Drop visual Interface: MySpace users are now able to arrange their profile by dragging and dropping modules into any location to create new layouts. Similar to's template management. Users are also able to use a new, fast, and intuitive editing and loading system to customize each profile module.

Flexibility in Viewing: Profile 2.0 allows users to display specific information on their profile to specific friend categories that they create or have already created in "Friend Categorization". E.G. a MySpace user may choose to share one module with family, one with friends, and a different one with co-workers.

New Redesigned Themes. MySpace has also gone a long way to create 50 new profile styles ready to load giving users a ton more flexibility in redesigning their profiles at their leisure. The easy to use single-click themes will feature popular celebrities, fashion designers, films, musicians, and sports figures in the future.

Currently users are being offered the new profile but have the option of staying with the original profile including any CSS they may be using.

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