The Top 3 Laws of Professional Blogging.

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The top 3 laws of blogging.

Law #1 is write.
Law #2 is write some more.
Law #3 is never stop writing!

I know this sounds quite redundant. Writing is the untold key to successful blogging.

The more you write, the more traffic you get, the more money you make.

Yeah, I know sometimes it's not easy to 'just write'. Sometimes we want to do other things that we feel are 'helping' but aren't as important.

Some common distractions that can ruin our blog:

  • Twitter

  • Re-designing

  • Trying new ad networks

  • Reading other people's blogs.

  • Thinking. Sometimes we try to hard to think up the perfect idea for a blog post, when it would be better to write 3 quick opinion pieces, or smaller articles

  • Commenting on other sites. Yes this has a place, but again not as important as writing.

Get this in your head - if you're not able to write 5 blog posts per day, there's a good chance that you'll never be a full-time blogger.

You'll never be like John Chow, or Darren Rowse. They know how to keep quality content coming.

Sure it's all been said before, I'm sure some of them have said the same thing many times.  For the person arriving from the search engines though, it's only the first time.

If you don't write, they won't come. I worked so hard on so many things that just didn't matter, and when I finally just decided to write as much as I can - my blog took off overnight.

Here are some ideas on types of posts you can write:

News Posts. Every blogger should make it a point of blogging about current events, even if you're a niche and your blog is on pet grooming.

News posts are great and can bring a tidal wave of traffic. The best place to find news to report is google trends.

I talk about google trends a lot, If you don't check google trends at least 1-2 times a day while writing, then stop reading my blog, and give up blogging.

Sure that's harsh, but ya know it's a tough world, and I'm not going to sugar coat this. You can be successful, or fail - your choice.

Regular on-topic Posts. These are the cream of the crop posts that you write. These have to be extremely tailored toward the topic of your blog. They need to be above and beyond, most news posts I work maybe 10 minutes on. Pillar Articles I work an hour or more on.

Series Posts. These can take a couple of days to write sometimes, but they are great for building sticky traffic.

Here's another great idea for building your blog - tired of writing? Why not try adding some different media types. Why not record a video instead.

Video's are great because you can upload them to a ton of different places, and will bring you a nice amount of traffic.

A nice tool which lets you upload your video to many different sites at once is tubemogul (it's free) give it a shot!

Poll: Do you find yourself getting distracted when you should be writing? Also have you had similar results using Google Trends to bring in traffic?

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