Apparently David Cook is more popular than John says google trends

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Tonight John Mccain & David Cook were both on Saturday Night Live. (David Cook is a Singer from American Idol - in case ya didn't know - I didn't lol)...

Lookin' for a topic to blog about, I head on over to Google Trends, and what did I find? "David Cook" #1, "Mccain SNL" #2. Which says to me that people care more about American Idol, than they do about who will be the next President. Of course there were two google trends listings for Mccain, the other being "Mccain Saturday Night Live" at #12. Can you add the two together and make Mccain come out ahead?

I dunno, that sounds fishy - like the way Mccain's internal Pollsters called Mccain 'functionally even' with Obama. It just doesn't fly...

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