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I was taking a gander at Google trends, and am seeing some curious trends right now.

There are many bigots apparently 'afraid' of an Obama presidency.

FACT: Barack Obama is not, and never has been a Muslim. Anyone who says otherwise is Bearing False Witness and breaking a commandment - therefore must not be Christian.

Fact: Obama is NOT the AntiChrist, there is no reference to this anywhere in the bible. A scripture I read once said "The Spirit of Contention is of the devil", and the right wing is a lot more 'Contentious', does that make them anti-christs? Calling someone an Antichrist - especially the President-elect is not productive.

Both candidates are good men, and good leaders. Obama just came out ahead, I personally am glad of this decision.

Some odd trends and/or troubling trends from people who seem worried, or curious about our new President include:

Trend #26: "obama antichrist"
Trend #42: "Youngest President"
Trend #44: "First Black President"
Trend #54: "KKK Obama"
Trend #90: "How old is obama"

The troubling ones being the one about KKK - relating to KKK members calling for a race war if Obama was elected, and Obama Antichrist.

Of course there will be those, who have been blinded by the religious right, who are waking up, and realizing they don't really know anything about this guy, or have no clue what they're in for, and of course they're nervous.

I just hope that America can put all of its differences aside, and give Barack Obama the chance he deserves to lead this country.

He did win with a mandate, and it could be the most electoral votes ever, it's safe to say that if things don't change over the next 4-8 years from what they are now, then they never will. It's like night and day between yesterday, and today.

Yesterday it was a republican country, and today it is a democrats.

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