John Mccain Out of Touch - He thinks this is normal?

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I know this is a little late for election news, but John Mccain was talking about his mom, who wanted to go to France, so she went to France, she wanted to rent a car, but they wouldn't let her because of her age..

So she went and bought a car, so she could drive around France.

Must be nice to just be able to drop a load of cash in a new car out of nowhere, instead of renting one. Ya know, I don't think it's bad to use your money if you got it to use, but this only makes him look more like an elitest, living the high life - which most Americans just can't relate to.

Kinda brings up the 8 houses that he has. We need a Pres who knows where the little guy is coming from, and John Mccain definitely doesn't get it.

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